Digital planning

Designed to help you transform your products and services

Software Consultancy

We can provide your business with the same standards we use in-house, to help improve your team or to augment the skills you already have

Software Development

We deliver a range of software development services, from responsive websites and mobile solutions to advanced API applications and bespoke projects

Network Systems

We can design and install solutions for Premium Home and Small Business, and support any remote management needs you have

Technologies We Use

Google Cloud Logo

Google Cloud

Google provide industry leading infrastructure in their cloud platform. Their API's and services cover a wide range of areas, from mapping to machine learning.

As a Google Cloud Build Partner, District5 can offer customers a huge amount of experience when hosting a solution on Google Cloud or building integration with Google Cloud features and API's.

Kubernetes Logo


Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Most of the major cloud hosting providers have a Kubernetes offering, meaning that you can take advantage of platform-as-a-service without suffering the major downside, vendor lock-in.

MongoDB Logo


MongoDB is a document based database, which allows for flexible and dynamic schemas. It can easily scale across large numbers of physical machines, even geographically, meaning you can build truly global scale applications.

PHP Logo


We're able to take advantage of years of experience using PHP to deliver powerful services. PHP is a hugely popular development language used for building web services that is regularly updated with new features and performance gains.

Python Logo


We've worked on API's using Python that support mobile games, that needed to stand up to millions of users. Like PHP, Python is a popular development language, and is supported by a huge number of 3rd party libraries. This wide selection of libraries makes Python a great choice for certain workloads like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning / AI development.

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