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Software Consultancy

We can provide your business with the same standards we use in-house, to help improve your team or to augment the skills you already have

Software Development

We deliver a range of software development services, from responsive websites and mobile solutions to advanced API applications and bespoke projects

Network Systems

We can design and install solutions for Premium Home and Small Business, and support any remote management needs you have

Software Consultancy

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Customised software consultancy to suit your business.

District5 can design a bespoke package to cover the areas you feel you need assistance with. Our services cover Software Architecting, Code Reviews and putting together End of Life Upgrade Strategies.

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Software Architecting

Whether you're undertaking a new project, or continuing work on an existing one, our Software Architecting services can help your business make the right decisions at the earliest possible stage. As products grow past their original design requirements, a tendency to bolt more and more on can become unworkable, stopping your business from working flexibly and react to market changes.

Our team can work with you to design for maximum flexibility, scalability, or any other specific requirements you have.

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Code Reviews

An important part of any software business, code reviews are essential to instilling an ethos of good quality, transparent, maintainable code.

Our Code Review services can help if you are worried about mounting technical debt, or are having performance issues with areas of your applications. We can help your business put in place best practices for coding and design, along with infrastructure to ensure code reviews are an integral part of your development lifecycle going forward.

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End of Life Upgrade Strategy

We've all been there, that particular system that is never touched because it is just working and nobody at the organisation knows what to do with it anymore! Unfortunately, those sort of scenarios are like ticking time bombs, and they inevitably go off when you are at your busiest and least able to deal with them.

Phasing out legacy systems takes planning and time, and when performed correctly should be something customers don't even notice. Our team can help you design an upgrade strategy and work with your team to migrate away from any legacy systems that could present a future issue for your business.

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